Drama Image Pricing

To save you money and get more professional images for your drama group, at a lower per person cost, you must collect all fees for the one background choice, list the students in order desired, and deliver one payment.  Images will be ready within 24 hours, depending on location. Students and parents can then download the digital copies as desired. Low cost print options will be attached to each image if professional printing on high quality paper is desired.  Images include copyright permissions to be printed for Comp Cards.

Natural Setting/ No Backdrop: $30

Grey Backdrop: $35

Single additional pose $5 per person.


  1. Two images: Waist cropped and headshot for Comp Cards.
  2. Posed group image, if desired.
  3. Instructor/ Teacher(s) headshot and group images included at no charge.

Must have 20 paid to set date for shoot.

Must have a clear space of 15′ wide by 20′ long to set up backdrop.

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